This conceptual framework was first developed by David Hawkins M.D, Ph.D, after many decades of research. It looks at various psychological and mental states as they clearly correspond to the different levels of consciousness from 20-1000.

This approach is very new, yet it is still in line with the wisdom traditions, where higher levels of consciousness correspond to greater psychological integration and harmony with life.

This conceptual approach delineates how one moves from the lower self or small I (lower sates of consciousness), to a higher self or the Absolute I.

Through this journey, various conditioning: Vasanas and [Samskaras](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samskara_(Indian_philosophy)#:~:text=In Indian philosophy and Indian,used to describe 'formations'.), along with different impurities start to dissolve. This process of dismantling and purification allows for a greater expression of one’s True Nature at the level of the person.

However, this model itself is an expression of the relative and therefore should not be taken as an expression of Absolute Truth which is both inclusive and also beyond forms and concepts.

It serves as a map and may be helpful to some.

No need to make a new religion out of it.

Also please note that Enlightenment on the map of spirituality is not the same as Enlightenment in the Eastern traditions of Buddhism, Vedanta or Tantra, where only the Buddhas and Tathagatas are considered to be Enlightened. Here, Enlightenment equates itself to a state of Full consciousness which is no where close to Buddhahood. This Enlightenment, by Eastern standards, would be considered as a stage, that allows for the beginning of true Yoga, or Union, which too is a very rare attainment (Not to be mistaken by someone starting a Yoga class).

There has been confusion concerning how different teachers use this Model and how they derive their numbers for measuring an individual’s level of consciousness.

The following is from CHAPTER 2 of the book “The Map of Consciousness Explained” by Dr. David R. Hawkins


The centerpiece of the Map of Consciousness consists of the levels themselves, along with their corresponding numerical values on the calibrated scale of consciousness from 1 to 1,000, where 1 is existence and 1,000 is the highest level of Truth that occurs on the planet.

It is very important to remember that the calibration figures do not represent an arithmetic, but a logarithmic, progression. Thus, the level 300 is not twice the amplitude of 150; it is 300 to the 10th power (10300). Therefore, an increase of even a few points represents a major advance in power; the rate of increase in power as we move up the scale is enormous.

All levels below 200 come from force and are destructive of life in both the individual and society at large; in contrast, all levels above 200 are constructive expressions of power.

The decisive level of 200 is the critical factor point, the fulcrum that divides the general areas of force (or falsehood) from power (or truth).

Each one of these levels has its own paradigm of reality and values that define what is acceptable within its own domain. For example, in the energy fields under 200, it makes sense to nurse hatreds, cheat buyers, and kill the enemy. Indeed, in certain subcultures, if you fail to carry out a revenge killing, you risk your own life. Yet, in the energy fields over 200, such actions would not even occur to you. In the domain of Reason (400s), love and prayer and other spiritual realities cannot be proved with logic, yet in the domain of Love (500s), the truth of them is subjectively convincing beyond a shadow of a doubt.