<aside> 💭 Date With Destiny is a six-day immersive self-development seminar with ticket prices ranging from $5,000 - $12 ,000 USD. I attended Date With Destiny Virtual | Dec 4 - Dec 9, 2020 during the height of the pandemic and paid $4,495.00 for this experience.

I came away with countless insights and more pages of notes than you can possibly imagine. However, one session, alone, of Date With Destiny on Moving Towards and Away Values was worth many times more than I paid for the whole event.

If you are seeing this page, I’m now sharing this incredibly powerful assignment that could radically alter your experience of life moving forward.

I hope that you’ll put as much time, effort, authenticity and sincerity into the completion of this assignment as I did.


Moving Towards Values Rules & Moving Away Values and Rules Exercise

Understanding Your Values

Our actions, feelings, words, and life outcomes are driven by our values and beliefs. Let's delve into what these are and why they matter.

Beliefs and Rules

Beliefs shape how we feel in certain situations, and we identify these beliefs as rules. These are essentially our expectations about what must happen for us to feel a certain way.

The Concept of Values

Values can be seen as means or ends. While means values like money or family are important, we're more interested in ends or emotional values—what feelings you seek or wish to avoid.

Ends/Emotional Values

These are the deep-seated emotional states we aim to achieve or steer clear from. They are about the feelings we value and those we find too painful to bear.

Types of Values

Moving Towards Values

These are the emotional states we pursue because they bring us joy, fulfillment, or pleasure. We actively seek experiences that align with these values.

Moving Away Values

Conversely, moving away values are those emotional states we avoid due to the pain or discomfort they cause. We make efforts to avoid situations that might lead to these feelings.

Identifying Your Values

Discovering your values involves asking what's most important to you in different areas of life, such as general wellbeing, relationships, or work. Your answers reveal your emotional states or desired feelings in these areas.