My Recommendation For Brand New Subscribers

If you are a brand new subscriber to the Train With Cliff Audio Journal, you’ll notice that you now have access to hundreds of podcast episodes from the archive. If access to this much archived content feels overwhelming, my recommendation is that you immediately archive/delete all prior episodes (they will still be available in your podcast feed).

Most people will find it most beneficial to simply start listening to the most recent podcast episode and begin listening to new episodes as they are released. At any time, you may browse through the archives as frequent as you like.

I created this resource to highlight content from the archives that I think would make for a powerful introduction to the value that the archived episodes have to offer.

Study Insights - What I’m Learning (Books, Courses, etc)

In this section, I feature episodes from the archives where I share deep insights from the books, documentaries, courses, conferences and coaching programs that I invest in.

A Note About My Study Notes

Before you begin to dive into the archives of this podcast, I want to offer you a glimpse into a few insights in how I approach note taking so that I absorb and assimilate insights that a majority of people miss when they ready a book, go through a course, watch a documentary, go to a conference, etc. I’d also like to share with you how it is that I have nearly instant recall to all those insights that I have learned. If this sounds interesting to you, check out the link below:

My Commentary Series on Think & Grow Rich

My Commentary Series on The Secrets Trilogy by Russel Brunson

My Commentary Series on Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankle

018 - Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

153 - How To Improve Your Memory

160 - Secrets of The Millionaire Mind

197 - Why I Have Invested $11,000 In #TonyRobbinsUPW

231 - Hypnotism / Hypnotherapy : The Power of Suggestion